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The SPI Wrecking Yard is a location to buy, sell, trade and purchase parts for games produced by Simulations Publications Incorporated (SPI).


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Buying games from you

We are very interested in buying old SPI games from people like you. The games need not be complete but an honest description and inventory is required upon which we will make you an offer. All prices in US$.

When describing your game, please include the following:

  • Map: is it clean and unmarked or does it have colouring, writing, rips, tape marks?
  • Counters: punched or unpunched, complete or are there a few missing?
  • Rules: are they clean or are they highlighted, marked, errata writted in, etc.?
  • Playing aids: clean or marked?
  • Packaging: white-box, flat-box, bookcase, ziplock or none; are the corners intact?
  • Cover sheet (flat-boxes and ziplocks): clean or torn
  • Magazine (S&T): is this included with the game?


If you wish to purchase any game parts or have games to sell or trade, e-mail Kerry Anderson for details.

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