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The SPI Wrecking Yard is a location to buy, sell, trade and purchase parts for games produced by Simulations Publications Incorporated (SPI).


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The following games are non-SPI products for sale or trade for your SPI products. All games are verified complete (unless otherwise noted).


  • Chosin PRP: (Mint, unpunched)... $30
  • Clash of Giants II GMT: (Mint, unpunched)... $40
  • Condottieri 3W: (Excellent, unpunched, from Wargamer 54 - no mag)... $5
  • Death Ride - Hafid Ridge Grognard Simulations: (Mint, unpunched)... $30
  • Drive on Damascus 3W: (Excellent, unpunched, missing one Vichy counter, from Wargamer 15 - no mag)... $10
  • Eagle Day Histo Games: (Mint, unpunched)... $30
  • Grand Fleet L2: (Mint, unpunched)... $60
  • Hannibal SimCan: (Excellent, unpunched)... $50
  • Korea - The Forgotten War MMP: (Mint, unpunched)... $40
  • Marne 1918 - Friedensturm Hexsim: (Mint, unpunched)... $80
  • Normandy Campaign GDW: (Mint, unpunched)... $25
  • Operation Crusader GDW: (Very good, unpunched, box damaged)... $100
  • Operation Shocktroop Decision Games: (Excellent, unpunched, from S&T 169 - no mag)... $20
  • Operation Unthinkable Hollandspiele: (Mint, unpunched)... $40
  • Paul Koenig's 6th Panzer Army Victory Point Games: (Mint, unpunched, in ziploc)... $5
  • Red Christmas Thunderhaven Games: (Excellent, unpunched, ziplock)... $20
  • Royal Tank Corps Moments in History: (Excellent, unpunched, box so-so)... $20
  • Slag! BTRC: (Excellent, unpunched, sticker counters, mag bag)... $5
  • The Battle of Stalingrad TPS: (Mint, unpunched)... $20
  • The Battle of Tanga 1914 Legion Wargames: (Mint, unpunched)... $20
  • The Great War in Europe GMT: (Mint, unpunched)... $120
  • The Peloponnesian War SimCan: (Excellent, unpunched)... $80
  • Viva! Revolution in Mexico (Flying Buffalo, 1975): unpunched... $80
  • CounterAttack 4: Korea '95 PRP: (Excellent, complete)... $10
  • Afrika MMP: (Excellent, assumed complete)... $20
  • Alexander the Great/Alexander's Other Battles Guidion Games: (Very Good, assumed complete)... $120
  • Field Marshal Jedko: (Good, assumed complete)... $20
  • Home Before the Leaves Fall Clash of Arms: (Very Good, east edge of western map neatly cut along hexes, assumed complete)... $100
  • Imperium Romanum II West End Games: (Excellent, partially punched, assumed complete)... $50
  • La Bataiile de la Moscowa GDW: (Excellent, 1218/1440)... $30
  • Landships Clash of Arms: (Excellent, assumed complete)... $30
  • Operation Market Garden GDW: (Excellent, 354/360, missing 6 blanks)... $25
  • Semper Fi The Gamers: (Excellent, assumed complete)... $40
  • Soldiers West End Games: (Excellent, complete)... $25
  • Their Finest Hour (1st Edition) GDW: (Maps hand coloured, assumed complete)... $30
  • World War II -European Theatre of Operations TSR: (Excellent, laminated maps, assumed complete)... $25
New Games:
  • 1914 Offensive a outrance GMT: (Mint, unpunched, in shrink wrap)... $100
  • Gallipoli, 1915 GMT: (Mint, unpunched, in shrink)... $80
  • Operation Michael MMP: (Mint, unpunched, in shrink)... $50
  • Rock of the Marne MMP: (Mint, unpunched, in shrink)... $40
  • Slouch Hats and Eggshells Legion Wargames: (Mint, unpunched, in shrink)... $40
  • Somme 1918 Nuts: (Mint, unpunched, in shrink)... $80
  • Strafexpedition Europa Simulazioni: (Mint, unpunched, suplemental map, in shrink)... $100
  • The Forgotten War: Korea Decision Games: (Mint, unpunched)... $30
  • Toulon, 1793 Legion Wargames: (Mint, unpunched, in shrink)... $40
  • Algeria Fiery Dragon: (Mint, unpunched, tin box)... $25
  • Battle for China Fiery Dragon: (Mint, unpunched, white box in shrink)... $25
  • The Final Frontier Fiery Dragon: (Mint, unpunched, tin box in shrink)... $25
  • Mint = as if purchase new from a store
  • Excellect = a game that has been played yet showing minimal wear
  • Good = a game that has been played yet and shows wear, though components are in good condition
  • Fair = a well played game that shows wear, though all components are all intact
  • Poor = a well played game that shows much wear, may have soiled components or tears

Last updated January 6, 2022


If you wish to purchase any game parts or have games to sell or trade, e-mail Kerry Anderson for details.

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