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The SPI Wrecking Yard is a location to buy, sell, trade and purchase parts for games produced by Simulations Publications Incorporated (SPI).


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The following games are non-SPI products for sale or trade for your SPI products. All games are verified complete (unless otherwise noted).


  • Chosin PRP: (Mint, unpunched)... $30
  • Clash of Giants II GMT: (Mint, unpunched)... $40
  • Beda Fomm Consimpress: (Mint, unpunched)... $40
  • Death Ride - Hafid Ridge Grognard Simulations: (Mint, unpunched)... $30
  • Eagle Day Histo Games: (Mint, unpunched)... $30
  • Hannibal SimCan: (Excellent, unpunched)... $50
  • Korea - The Forgotten War MMP: (Mint, unpunched)... $60
  • Marne 1918 - Friedensturm Hexsim: (Mint, unpunched)... $80
  • Normandy Campaign GDW: (Mint, unpunched)... $25
  • Operation Crusader GDW: (Very good, unpunched, box damaged)... $100
  • Operation Unthinkable Hollandspiele: (Mint, unpunched)... $40
  • Red Christmas Thunderhaven Games: (Excellent, unpunched, ziplock)... $20
  • Royal Tank Corps Moments in History: (Excellent, unpunched, box so-so)... $20
  • The Battle of Stalingrad TPS: (Mint, unpunched)... $20
  • The Battle of Tanga 1914 Legion Wargames: (Mint, unpunched)... $20
  • The Great War in Europe GMT: (Mint, unpunched)... $120
  • The Last Victory COA: (Excellent, unpunched, missing standard rules)... $20
  • The Peloponnesian War SimCan: (Excellent, unpunched)... $80
  • Viva! Revolution in Mexico (Flying Buffalo, 1975): unpunched... $80
  • CounterAttack 4: Korea '95 PRP: (Excellent, complete)... $10
  • Afrika MMP: (Excellent, assumed complete)... $20
  • Air Force Battleline: (Excellent, assumed complete)... $10
  • Alexander the Great/Alexander's Other Battles Guidion Games: (Very Good, assumed complete)... $120
  • Field Marshal Jedko: (Good, assumed complete)... $20
  • Home Before the Leaves Fall Clash of Arms: (Very Good, east edge of western map neatly cut along hexes, assumed complete)... $100
  • Imperium Romanum II West End Games: (Excellent, partially punched, assumed complete)... $50
  • La Bataiile de la Moscowa GDW: (Excellent, 1218/1440)... $30
  • Landships Clash of Arms: (Excellent, assumed complete)... $30
  • Operation Market Garden GDW: (Excellent, 354/360, missing 6 blanks)... $25
  • Semper Fi The Gamers: (Excellent, assumed complete)... $40
  • Soldiers West End Games: (Excellent, complete)... $25
  • World War II -European Theatre of Operations TSR: (Excellent, laminated maps, assumed complete)... $25
  • , box damaged
New Games:
  • 1914 Offensive a outrance GMT: (Mint, unpunched, in shrink wrap)... $100
  • 1914 Twilight in the East GMT: (Mint, unpunched, in shrink wrap)... $150
  • Gallipoli, 1915 GMT: (Mint, unpunched, in shrink)... $80
  • Operation Michael MMP: (Mint, unpunched, in shrink)... $50
  • Rock of the Marne MMP: (Mint, unpunched, in shrink)... $40
  • Slouch Hats and Eggshells Legion Wargames: (Mint, unpunched, in shrink)... $40
  • Somme 1918 Nuts: (Mint, unpunched, in shrink)... $80
  • Strafexpedition Europa Simulazioni: (Mint, unpunched, suplemental map, in shrink)... $100
  • The Forgotten War: Korea Decision Games: (Mint, unpunched)... $30
  • Toulon, 1793 Legion Wargames: (Mint, unpunched, in shrink)... $40
  • Algeria Fiery Dragon: (Mint, unpunched, tin box)... $25
  • Battle for China Fiery Dragon: (Mint, unpunched, white box in shrink)... $25
  • The Final Frontier Fiery Dragon: (Mint, unpunched, tin box in shrink)... $25
  • Mint = as if purchase new from a store
  • Excellect = a game that has been played yet showing minimal wear
  • Good = a game that has been played yet and shows wear, though components are in good condition
  • Fair = a well played game that shows wear, though all components are all intact
  • Poor = a well played game that shows much wear, may have soiled components or tears

Last updated Jan 22, 2021P>


If you wish to purchase any game parts or have games to sell or trade, e-mail Kerry Anderson for details.

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