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The SPI Wrecking Yard is a location to buy, sell, trade and purchase parts for games produced by Simulations Publications Incorporated (SPI).


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The following games are non-SPI products for sale or trade for your SPI products. All games are verified complete (unless otherwise noted).

Featured games have die-cut, redesigned counter sets available (price with counters included shown in red).


  • ATO 13: Bittereinder LPS (Mint, unpunched)... $25
  • ATO 14: War in the Aegean LPS (Mint, unpunched)... $20
  • ATO 15: Cactus Throne LPS (Mint, unpunched)... $20
  • ATO 16: La Vallee de la Morte LPS (Mint, unpunched)... $30
  • ATO Vol 2/No 4: Fortress Berlin LPS (Mint, unpunched)... $30
  • ATO 37: For Bloody Honor LPS (Mint, unpunched)... $25
  • Gamefix 2: Crisis 2000 OSS (Mint, unpunched)... $25
  • Gamefix 6: Redline Korea OSS (Mint, unpunched)... $25
  • Carrier War: 1944-1946 Expansion Kit Omega Game: (Mint, unpunched, in shrink)... $10
  • Chosin PRP: (Mint, unpunched)... $30
  • Grand Fleet L2: (Mint, unpunched)... $60
  • Great War in Europe GMT: (Mint, unpunched)... $100
  • Hannibal SimCan: (Excellent, unpunched)... $50
  • Korea - The Forgotten War MMP: (Mint, unpunched)... $60
  • Napoleon at Leipzig OSG: (Mint, unpunched)... $75
  • Normandy Campaign GDW: (Mint, unpunched)... $25
  • Phase Line Smash GDW: (Excellent, unpunched)... $25
  • Red Christmas Thunderhaven Games: (Excellent, unpunched, ziplock)... $20
  • Royal Tank Corps Moments in History: (Excellent, unpunched, box so-so)... $20
  • S.F.3.D Hobby Japan: (Near Mint, unpunched)... $100
  • The Battle of Stalingrad TPS: (Mint, unpunched)... $20
  • The Struggle of Nations Avalon Hill: (Excellent, unpunched)... $25
  • The Forgotten War: Korea Decision Games: (Mint, unpunched, in shrink)... $40
  • The Peloponnesian War SimCan: (Excellent, unpunched)... $80
  • Tomorrow the World (Game Supplement only) XTR: (Excellent, assumed complete)... $10
  • Viva! Revolution in Mexico (Flying Buffalo, 1975): unpunched... $80
  • Command 35: Mason Dixon XTR: (Fair, assumed complete)... $15
  • Command 42: Hell before Night/Blitzkrieg 1940 XTR: (Excellent, assumed complete)... $20
  • CounterAttack 4: Korea '95 PRP: (Excellent, complete)... $10
  • Afrika MMP: (Excellent, assumed comlete)... $20
  • Alexander the Great/Alexander's Other Battles Guidion Games: (Very Good, assumed complete)... $120
  • Beachhead Yaquinto: (Excellent, some yellowing)... $15
  • Falkland Sound Mayfair Games: (Good, assumed complete)... $5
  • Fast Attack Boats Yaquinto: (Excellent, assumed complete)... $15
  • Field Marshal Jedko: (Excellent, assumed complete)... $25
  • Gulf War Victory Games: (Fair, assumed complete, a mixed bag of original and 1988 ed; two boxes and lots of counters)... $10
  • Home Before the Leaves Fall Clash of Arms: (Very Good, east edge of western map neatly cut along hexes, assumed complete)... $100
  • Imperium Romanum II West End Games: (Excellent, partially punched, assumed complete)... $50
  • Manassas GDW: (Excellent, assumed complete)... $30
  • Napoleon's Last Battles TSR/SPI: (Excellent, assumed complete)... $20
  • Onslaught TSR/SPI: (Excellent, assumed complete)... $25
  • Semper Fi The Gamers: (Excellent, assumed complete)... $40
  • Soldiers West End Games: (Excellent, complete)... $25
  • To the Wolf's Lair PWG: (Very Good, assumed complete)... $25
  • Ultimatum Yaquinto: (Excellent, assumed complete)... $25
New Games:
  • Algeria Fiery Dragon: (Mint, unpunched)
  • Battle for China Fiery Dragon: (Mint, unpunched)
  • The Final Frontier Fiery Dragon: (Mint, unpunched)
  • Featured games have die-cut, redesigned counter sets available (price with counters included shown in red).
  • Stars (*, **, ***) indicate the number of sheets of redesigned counters (224 or 240 per sheet)
  • Mint = as if purchase new from a store
  • Excellect = a game that has been played yet showing minimal wear
  • Good = a game that has been played yet and shows wear, though components are in good condition
  • Fair = a well played game that shows wear, though all components are all intact
  • Poor = a well played game that shows much wear, may have soiled components or tears

Last updated January 3, 2015


If you wish to purchase any game parts or have games to sell or trade, e-mail Kerry Anderson for details.

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