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The SPI Wrecking Yard is a location to buy, sell, trade and purchase parts for games produced by Simulations Publications Incorporated (SPI).


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Redesigned Counters

Over the last few months, I have been redrawing many of the counters for SPI games. This artwork is open to the general public. Current games include:

  • Afrika Korps
  • Alexander the Great
  • American Civil War
  • Anzio
  • Armageddon
  • Atlantis 12500 BC
  • Berlin 85
  • Blitzkrieg Classic
  • Blitzkrieg Module System
  • Caesar at Alesia
  • Chariot
  • D-Day
  • DAGC
  • Dixie
  • Fall of Rome
  • Fortress America
  • France 1940
  • Hell's Highway
  • Korea
  • Kreigspiel
  • Legion
  • Musket & Pike
  • Oil War - Revolt in the East
  • Operation Olympic
  • PanzerArmee Africa
  • Panzergruppe Guderian
  • Peter the Great
  • Punic Wars
  • Spartan
  • Stalingrad
  • Starforce
  • Stones River
  • The East is Red
  • Verdun
  • Viking
  • Warsaw Pact
  • Year of the Rat
  • Yeoman
  • and many more! Ask me for my current list.

    I regret that I do not publish these PDFs on the web as I have noticed many of them appearing on E-Bay sales, which was not my intension. Instead, please contact me directly to view any of these files.


    If you wish to purchase any game parts or have games to sell or trade, e-mail Kerry Anderson for details.

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