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How much we hate to admit it, we're not perfect. Occasional slip-ups do enter our designs. While we fix these on-the-fly, people with older editions of games may be unaware of the changes.

The Battle of Armageddon

CUSH and PUT (correction): Throughout the text and cards, the names of these countries have been mislabelled. The correct names are Cush and Put.

MAP (change for 2015 edition): The hexes Tel Aviv and Gaza (the coastal hex west of Jerusalem) should be joined by land (view new map).

MAP (change for 2015 edition): The river between the Tigris and Eurphrates (southeast of Bagda) is removed (view new map).

MAP (change for 2015 edition): The red outlined hexes along the eastern bord's edge are no longer reserved for the Eastern player. The player must move pieces onto the map from the eastern border's edge (view new map).

MAP (change for 2015 edition): Player Order has been adjusted to the Eastern player being the first player. The player order remains the same (view new map).

STARTING THE GAME - Armies (omission): The set up for the 2 to 5 player campaign games is identical to the six player campaign game (with the exception of the 2 player game, which brings the East in after a player is eliminated).

STARTING THE GAME - Armies (clarification): In all scenarios, players begin with all their pieces.

STARTING THE GAME - Armies (clarification): Magog can deploy infantry as paratroops at the beginning of the game (and later as reinforcements).

ALLIANCES (clarification): Nations cannot combine in an attack, even when controlled by a single player.

EVENT CARDS (clarification): Cards affecting a battle must be played during the battle resolution (i.e. before final losses are taken).

EVENT CARDS (clarification): Certain cards make a player's piece invulnerable for the turn (e.g. "Hand of God No Israeli pieces may be eliminated this player turn"). This does not prevent attacks against a player's homeland population or strategic weapons -- these are NOT considered as pieces.

EVENT CARDS - Nuclear Weapons Cards (clarification): Tactical and Theatre nuclear weapons cards describe hexes that are adjacent or not to friendly pieces. In terms of nuclear weapons, an ally's pieces are not considered friendly pieces. If you want to use Tactical nuclear weapons on a hex adjacent to an ally's pieces, lend him the card (assuming you trust him). If his pieces are adjacent to your Theatre weapons attacks, you can apologize to him later.

EVENT CARDS - Strategic Arms Cards (clarification): Strategic arms cards refer to randomly drawing one population card from a players hand. This only occurs when the population is targeted (countervalue), not when your opponent's strategic wespons are targeted (counterforce). Also, populations that are drawn are considered killed and not added to the perpetrator's hand.

EVENT CARDS - Strategic Weapons Cards (clarification): Strategic arms can be used against any strategic attack (i.e. Anti-missile Defense can be used to protect an attack on any nation).

REINFORCEMENTS (clarification): Reinforcements can deployed as paratroops and marines during the reinforcement step.

REINFORCEMENTS (change for 2015 edition): Magog or Eastern piecescannot be prevented from entering a board's edge by the presence of enem pieces. Magog and the East can force enemy pieces in clear hexes (no mountains, ports or pirports) to withdraw 1 hex, allowing the reinforcements to arrive. Withdrawing pieces cannot wiothdraw into hexes that would exceed hex limits, else any excess are eliminated. This also apllies to pieces arriving at the beginning of the game.

MOVEMENT (change for 2015 edition): Ground pieces are no longer required to stop when they enter a hex containing a lone enemy air piece. The enemy air piece must still retreat to the closest available hex.

COMBAT - Losses (clarification): Rules state

    For each match between an army piece and a die, a hit is scored against the enemy and the enemy must suffer a loss by removing a piece.

Matches are always between battle dice rolled and the firing pieces. Thus if a tank attacks an infantry piece, a hit is scored by the attacking tank when a tank image is rolled. On the return fire, an infantry image must be rolled on a die for the defending infantry piece to hit the attacking tank piece.

AIRMOBILE (clarification): While ground pieces can enter hexes containing enemy air pieces (and force them to retreat), airmobile infantry does not have this ability as the helicopter is treated as an air piece and air pieces cannot enter hexes containing enemy air pieces.

MARINES (clarification): Marines may invade any coastal hex. If unopposed, simply place them on the coastal hex. This constitutes their entire move. If the hex in occupied, the marine must fight and advance after comabt into the hex, otherwise they are eliminated.

COLLAPSE (change for 2015 edition): When a player's nation collapses, the player may still move and fight with its pieces. They may not draw event cards nor buy reinforcements, though. A collapsed nation may still receive reinforcements through event cards.

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