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NATO 1961

The Berlin Crisis

Game Design: Kerry Anderson

The Most Dangerous Spot On Earth

The US is unwilling to normalize the situation in the most dangerous spot in the world. The USSR wants to perform an operation on this sore spot - to eliminate this thorn - without prejudicing the interests of any side, but rather to the satisfaction of all peoples of the world.

Premier Khrushchev, Vienna, June 4, 1961

The Berlin Crisis was the culmination of a series of events that heated up the Cold War. Following the Bay of Pigs fiasco and the inconclusive Vienna Conference, Khrushchev saw Kennedy as a weak and inexperienced leader. He used this as an opportunity to solve the unresolved and aggravating problem: Berlin. East Germans were escaping to the West weekly by the thousands, creating economic chaos. A solution had to be reached. This lead to Khrushchev’s ultimatum demanding the withdrawal of Western armed forces from West Berlin and later, the construction of the Berlin Wall. Events continued to escalate to the point where opposing troops faced each other down gun barrels at Checkpoint Charlie

NATO 1961 is a simulation of the potential for war in Germany, covering events that could have led to World War Three. Players assume the roles of President John F. Kennedy and the NATO powers or Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev and the Warsaw Pact general staffs. Confronted with the crisis, players can manage the conflict at a limited level or escalate it to full-out war between the Superpowers.

The 17"x22"map (in two pieces) covers the Central Front including both East and West Germany as well as part of Czechslovakia, France and the Low Lands. The 240 1/2" counters (die-cut and back-printed) show regimental, brigade and divisional level forces of the NATO and the Warsaw Pact.

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