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The First Lunar War

Game Design: Kerry Anderson

LINCOLN COLONY:18:45:28:10:2035

On October 28, 2035, the inevitable battle for dominance in space broke out and the First Lunar War began. Provoked by the American Space Blockade, the Russian-European Alliance attacked the American colonial and resource rich area of Clavius

Clavius is a game depicting the battle for the Moon, 2035. Players assume the roles of the American and Russian commanders as they fight for Lunar dominance.

The 17 x 22" map (in two pieces) covers the battlfield around the crater Clavius, including American colonies, mining facilities and transportation line. The 240 1/2" counters (die-cut and back-printed) show US and Russian forces. Included are rules for self-propelled batteries, nuclear mortars, landing crafts and marines.

Note that this is the original version of a game submitted to Task Force Games in 1980s (the published game being a significant departure from what was submitted). In addition to the original game, an update to the design is provided, which includes rules for orbital ground support, rocket buses and oxygen requirements.

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