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Barnard's Star

The First Interstellar War War

Game Design: Kerry Anderson


  • Name: BS.03.04
  • Type: K.12.05
  • Diameter: 4128
  • Mass: 0.034
  • Gravity: 0.333
  • Period: 15.8
  • Orbit: 2.47E06
  • Eccentricity: 0.04
  • Inclination: 61.28

Notes: BS.03.04 is the location of the second beacon site serving the Terran-Naronian communications route. The surface of the satellite is a prime example of a K type planet: rugged, airless, with numerous craters and volcanoes. Lava flows and creviced terrain cover large areas of the surface. BS.03.04 orbits a B type planet. The gas giant's gravitational force facilitates interstellar travel but its magnetic field eclipses communication for 22 hours each orbit of the satellite.

Barnard's Star deals with the critical battle in the Naronian War. Players assume the roles of the Naronian and Terran leaders fighting the battle on the planetary surface. As the battle progresses, it is a race against time for both players. The number of beacons destroyed will determine the fate of the coming Terran counterattack fleet.

The two geomorphic 11" x 17" maps portray a portion of the surface of the satellite BS.03.04 (15.7% of the total surface). The 240 1/2" counters (die-cut and back-printed) represent the ground and space forces involved in the battle. Included are rules for space combat, planetary defenses, jump troops, teleportation points and more.

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