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Live Free or Die

Three Battles for America

Game Design: Kerry Anderson

Better Dead Than Red

Following the successful deployment of missiles on Cuba in 1962, the Communists gained much ground in Latin America. Western Europe became less convinced of American commitment to defend the continent. This led to the NATO alliance being dissolved and replaced by a neutral bloc.

America was now alone!

Live Free or Die is an alternate history simulation of battles associated with a Communist invasion of continental USA. Live Free or Die is a game set consisting of three independent games:

  • Asian Invasion captures the Peoples' Asian Alliance landings in California;
  • Remember the Alamo covers the Organization of Central American States drive into Texas; and
  • Southern Discomfort focuses on a Warsaw Pact invasion of Florida, Georgia.
The Basic Game focuses on ground combat, providing a quick, entertaining game. The Advanced Game introduces air and naval units as well as additional specialized units like cruise missiles, laser defenses and political troops. And beware, there are rules for nuclear, biological and chemical warfare!

The three 11"x17"map boards represent battle grounds in California, Florida, Georgia and Texas. The 480 1/2" counters (die-cut and back-printed) show brigade and divisional level forces of the US, the Warsaw Pact (Soviet Union, East Germany, Poland and Czeckoslovakia), the People's Asian Alliance (China, North Korea and Viet Nam), and the Organization of Central American States (Cuba, Mexico and Nicaragua).

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