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Clash of Empires

The Battle for France 1914

Game Design: Kerry Anderson


Sarajevo was the spark that started the First World War yet this was simply the excuse the powers of Europe needed to start the conflagration. Plans dating back to the nineteenth century had been constructed by all the powers in anticipation of the inevitable. The events following this incident were to fix the destiny of three great empires, the continent as well as the World.

Clash of Empires is a simulation of the dramatic months of the beginning of the Great War. Players assume the roles of the supreme commanders and manoeuver the armies involved over a map of the battleground. Players can either bring about a decisive conclusion to the war in these opening months or follow through to the historical deadlock of trench warfare.

The 17 x 22" map (in two pieces) portrays the battlefield of Northern France, Belgium and Western Germany. The 160 5/8" counters (die-cut and back-printed) represent the German, French, British, Belgian and Russian army corps and divisions involved in the battle. The 20 Special weapons and tactics cards capture unknown factors associated wiht the campaign.

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