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Solar Marine

Tactical Warfare in the Solar System

Game Design: Kerry Anderson

The Moons of Jupiter

From the shadow of Jupiter, Taskforce Bravo approaches Io. Spaceships release a bombardment of nuclear warheads triggering a response of plasma bolts from the planetary defenses. Landing craft carrying the Australian 124th Special Forces battalion make their final descent. Dust rises, hatches blow, and hundreds of marines spill out. Flying at a hundred kilometres per hour, these soldiers skim the surface - firing laser and particle weapons - as they approach the hardened defenses surrounding the Brazilian colony complex.

Solar Marine is a science fiction game simulating ground combat in the future. Players are given troops armed with various weapons that may be developed in the future and fight on the various landscapes in the Solar System.

The four 11 x 17" maps represent extraterrestrial battlefields for the Moon, Mars, Space and other moons throughout the Solar System. The 240 die-cut, back-printed counters represent squad level troops and individual vehicles.

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