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How much we hate to admit it, we're not perfect. Occasional slip-ups do enter our designs. While we fix these on-the-fly, people with older editions of games may be unaware of the changes.

NATO 1961

MAP (correction): the Main-Donau Canal from NE of 1720 to NE of 2023, going through Nuremburg, shouldn't be there (it wasn't completed until 1962).

MAP (clarification): Austria (the country south of Munich and east of Switzland) is not labelled. It may not be entered (except along border hexes).

* Links to the corrected maps sections (both included for completeness) can be found here: North and South

* Permission is granted by the owner to print these files.

CHARTS(correction): On the Unit Type Legend, Anti Defense should be Air Defense.

COUNTERS (correction): USSR TNW used +100 counter was inadvertently printed on the back of the SGF Air Defense counter.

6.1 Casualties (clarification): the term "casualties" and "population" are equivalent and unfortunately used interchangeably in the rules. Each casualty/population level losely represent one million people each (though later, 15.3.2 describes them as "representing hundreds of thousands of people killed").

6.2 National Stability (clarification): collapse describes that a "player loses a number of victory points equal to the nation's population." A nation's population equals the nation's stability threshold (in casualty points) for Collapse (e.g. the Warsaw Pact would lose 17 victory points if East Germany collapses).

6.2 National Stability (addition): A nation cannot suffer more casualities that the nation's stability threshold (in casualty points) for Collapse.

6.2 National Stability (clarification): when a nation collapses, all units suffer a step loss. Those that survive continue operating normally in the game.

10.5, 12.1, 14.6.2, 15.1.1 (and anywhere else) Step losses (clarification): in any cases requiring step losses, the owning player chooses (as indicated in 9.6 and 14.5)

10.6 West German WSK and East German BSP (correction): The abbreviation should read WBK not WSK (in agreement with the counter)

13.2 Supply Sources (clarification): "Sources for supplies depend on nationality", means that for general and attack supply, units must trace supply to a headquarters of their nationality (e.g Polsih units must trace supply to a Polish headquarters).

15.1 Tactical Nuclear Weapons Salvos (omission): 2 air points are required to deliver 1 salvo when the target is protected by air defense (see 8.6).

15.3.2 Countervalue Strike (clarification): casualty points are described as "representing hundreds of thousands of people killed". These are the same casualty point as described in 6.1, regardless of the claimed numbers killed.

21.0 LINKED GAME (clarification): the NUCLEAR ARSENAL CHART - 1962 is used only when playing the Cuban Missile Crisis

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