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SPI Wrecking Yard


How much we hate to admit it, we're not perfect. Occasional slip-ups do enter our designs. While we fix these on-the-fly, people with older editions of games may be unaware of the changes.


2.11 Structures (addition): Structures cannot be setup in rough or crevice terrain.

4.0 SPACE INTERACTION (clarification): Weapons are fired during the Action Phase as a fire action and not a fire-and-movement action.

4.3.1 Landings and Liftoff (clarification): Afterwards, in the Space Interaction Phases of following turns, the landing craft may freely change modes.

7.1.1 Fire Strength (correction): Non-nuclear units conducting a fire-and-movement action fire at half strength (nuclear at full strength).

7.4.3 Resolution (correction; clarification): roll on multiple columns to reach the fire strength; a fire strength less than one has no effect.

7.5.2 Vehicles and Vessels - Grounded (addition): Passengers may freely unload from a grounded vehicle in a subsequent turn.

8.0 SMOKE (clarification) The fire strength of any laser and plasma weapons fire into or through a hex with a smoke marker is halved (multiple hexes are cumulative).

10.0 SCENARIOS (clarification) There is no turn limit to any scenario; play continues until all combat units (excluding demolitions) are eliminated (or trapped underground) or victory is achieved.

10.0 SCENARIOS (correction) All references to nuclear mortars as N 16 G-U I should read N 24 G-U I (see 2.2, 2.5, 10.1.1,, 10.1.2, 10.2.1, 10.2.2, 10.2.4, 10.3.2, 10.4)

10.0 SCENARIOS (clarification) Nuclear mortars and missile tanks have identical values (N 24 G-U I). The only scenario that uses missile tanks is Titan (see 10.2.4). In future editions, the missile tank will be rated as N 24-U I ( the unit will no longer be required to be in Ground mode to fire).

10.1.4 L-5 - Special (addition): Each Bravo destroyer carries one N 32-U I and one P 8-U that may fire when the destroyer is on the map.

10.2.1 Ganymede - Victory (correction): the player with control of the most undestroyed space ports at the end of the game wins.

10.2.3 Vesta - Alpha (correction): Structures should read buildings.

10.2.5 Eos Asteroid Family - Bravo (addition): Enter from any single map edge.

10.2.5 Eos Asteroid Family - Special (clarification): Asteroids occupy the entire hex and block line of sight (unless along hexspine).

10.3.2 Hellas - Alpha (correction): Structures should read buildings.

10.3.3 Olympus Mons - Bravo (alteration): 1 Building, 6 Tunnels, 7 Ports,...

10.3.3 Olympus Mons - Victory (addition): Alpha wins a decisive victory if he captures the building.

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