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Barnard's Star: The First Interstellar War... $36
Cambrai, 1917 The First Blitzkrieg: The Dawn of Mechanized Warfare... $36
Clash of Empires: The Battle for France 1914... $44
Clavius: The First Lunar War... $36
Cuban Missile Crisis: The Brink of Nuclear War... $50
MacArthur's War: The Korean War and Beyond... $44
Smokejumpers: Wildland Fire Fighting... $36
The Battle of Armageddon: Apocalytic Warfare in the End Times... $100
Vimy Ridge: Canada on the Attack... $36
Ypres 1914: The First Battle of Ypres... $44

All prices in US dollars for destinations outside Canada.

Postage charges included in price.

To finalize your order

Or print out this form to fill out your order for destinations outside of Canada or the USA.



City:_________________________ State:_______________

Country:_______________ Postal/Zip Code:_______________________

e-mail address:_____________________________________________

Send cheque or international money order to Kerry Anderson, 10445 135 Street Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5N 2C5.

Please have payments made out to Kerry Anderson.

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